1. Make it relevant.
  2. Make it stick.
  3. Make it easy to adopt.
  4. Make it memorable.
  5. Make it the best it can be.
  6. Make it easy to find.
  7. Make it easy to share.
  8. Make it green.
  9. Make it fun.
  10. Make it profitable.

boomboom live

Donny Deutsch

New York: 09.09.2008

Tuesday September 9th taping of the Donny Deutsch Big Idea Show for CNBC to be aired that night. Donny is pulling together a special expert panel to review innovative ideas that will be Big Ideas!! Richard will be on the show bringing the boomboom philosophy to life with Donny. Questions will be fielded from calls into the show, emails for entrepreneurs looking to make their ideas bigger and better, and of course in studio guests. Richard has been on this show once before sharing the Cranium story and how he built the third largest game company in the world and the first ever to win game of the year five years out of six.